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Drug Testing

We at Express Care Pharmacy is now offering Urine Drugs screening test for Employers/Employees for pre hire, post accident and random. It’s fast, easy and quick results. Give us a call to learn more about it and we would be glad to help you out.

By conducting pre-employment/post-offer, random, and reasonable suspicion drug testing, an employer is effectively accomplishing two objectives: deterrence and detection. Illicit substance users are less likely to apply for the position, or, more likely to detected and denied entry into a company, reducing the costs of hiring, on-boarding and turnover. The stated, it is not uncommon for a substance misusing prospect to cease all drug use for a short while to pass the pre-employment or post-offer test. Once the position is acquired, however, their substance use resumes – in many cases immediately. Of course, some employees develop a substance use issue AFTER they are hired by a company. Therefore the Random or Reasonable Suspicion drug test plays a critical role in detection and deterrence.

It is widely known and accepted by industry experts that a comprehensive drug-testing program helps keep a company, its employees, and its customers safe. Several of the known benefits include the deterrence of substance misuse on and off company property, which reduces the likelihood of employee impairment during work hours. This in turn reduces employee accidents, equipment damage, tardiness, absenteeism, presenteeism, turnover, theft, healthcare costs, and customer service complaints, while maintaining staff morale and productivity, and safeguarding the employer against costly lawsuits. What is less promoted, and therefore less acknowledged, is the role of the workplace drug test in saving lives.

Drug Tests

We offer Urine Drug Testing for these drugs. We have a 10 panel and 14 panel testing.

  • THC – Marijuana
  • TCA – Tricyclics
  • PCP – Phencyclidine
  • OXY – Oxycodone
  • MOP – Morphine
  • MTD – Methadone
  • MET – Methamphetamine
  • MDMA – Methylenedioxymethaphetamine
  • EDDP – 2-Ethylidene-1, 5-Dimenthyl-3, 3-Diphenylpyrrolidine
  • COC – Cocaine
  • BZO – Benzodiazepines
  • BUP – Buprenorphine
  • BAR – Barbiturates
  • AMP – Amphetamine