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Adherence Packaging

Express Care Pharmacy is pleased to offer adherence packaging to our pharmacy customers! This special packaging is an easy-to-use way to manage multi-dose prescriptions. Managing multi-dose prescriptions is not easy and inadequate medication adherence is a widespread problem that contributes to increased chronic disease complications and health care expenditures. With adherence packaging, you will see the prescribed dosage, time, frequency, and direction all in one simple, visual pack. Using the simple day and date features, calendar-based packing is designed to help maintain your physician’s prescribed dosing schedule. Are you a visual learner? Some packs are even color-coded to help you quickly identify your correct dosing. For example, yellow doses for the morning, and blue for nighttime medications.

For our patients who might not have close family or caretakers to help monitor and give medications, adherence packs easily tear off and allow you to take the medication with you wherever you go. There is no need to handle multiple medicine bottles or packets. Being able to see if you have taken medication makes it easier to monitor if you have taken the medication at the right time of day. We are happy to be able to offer this convenience to you and welcome any questions you may have: 214-800-5526.